Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Xinhua Zhao

About Me

Zhao Xinhua, Male, was born in November 1948 and currently lives in Qingdao. Before retirement, he was engaged in architectural design as a senior engineer and researcher of engineering technology application. He is a senior member of China Architecture Society, director of China Survey and Design Association.As an amateur photographer, his photo work "Sailing" was selected for the exhibition "Me and My Motherland" jointly organized by multiple departments at the state level. Many other photos were selected into competitions organized by Chinese Photographers Assocation as well as international photo competitions.

Works Synopsis

Creative Artistic PhotographyThis photo series is highly artistically refined with techiniques such as multiple exposures,sturation to highlight the tone of the work,giving the work an artistic and spiritual sublimation.


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