Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Yaojian Sheng

About Me

Sheng Yaojian, Male, is retired from his previous career as Senior Sergeant of Shanghai Public Security Grade I (full division level). He is a member of Shanghai Huangpu Photographers Association, Global Photographers Union(GPU), China Portrait Photography Association, China Photographic Copyright Association and Shanghai Photographers Association. Many of his works have been featured in China Photo News and Popular Photography. He also exhibited works at a number of photo festivals in China, including 4th China Phoenix Folklore Photo Biennale; the 14th Huangshan (Yixian) International Photography Competition Exhibition; the 3rd Zhuhai International Photography Exhibition; the 20th Pingyao International Photography Exhibition; the 1st Zhangjiajie World Heritage Photography Exhibition; and the Yeosu Photography Festival Exhibition. In addition, Sheng Yaojian also participated in international events held in different countries and won many awards such as gold, silver and bronze.

Works Synopsis

Beautiful Iran, Charming PersianFive years ago, when I paid my first visit to the mysterious country of Iran, I was fascinated by the ancient cultural symbols and the splendid light and shadows on the streets. The cities I walked through and the Persians I met seemed to have the illusion of being transported through time and space. I used my lens to capture the daily life of people in the streets, recording the real and timeless scenes of Islamic people, and try to create images with a personalized visual effect.


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