Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Ye Shang

About Me

Shang Ye, Male, born Anshan, Liaoning in August 1956, started to learn photography in 2012, and he is fond of people and culture photography and documentary photography.He is now is a member of China Photographers Association, Image Copyright Society of China, Hebei Photographers Association, Entrepreneur Photography Association (Shenzhen), Hainan Photographers Association, Global Photographic Union(GPU), Sanya Photographers Association, Top Ten Outstanding Photographers in Sanya City.More than 100 photographic works won medal awards and accepted in photography exhibitions at home and abroad.His photos have been featured many times in "People's Daily", "China Photographic News", “Hainan Daily”, “People’s Daily”, “Digital Photography”, and other publications.

Works Synopsis

NostalgiaNo matter how big the wind and snow, no matter how crowded it is, I will go back to the small mountain village where the smoke rises and is full of poplar trees. Nostalgia is a kind of affection and longing for the hometown. Traditional villages, unique homes, become the memory of nostalgia, under the cover of green hills and water, a beautiful scroll gradually unfolded, a road is wide and clean, a courtyard is tidy and clean, a garden is green and lush, smiling faces overflowing with happiness.


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