Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Yisheng Sun

About Me

Sun Yisheng, male, member of China Photographers Association, China Poetry Society. He is a contract photographer of Tuchong, chairman of Futian Photography Association in Yiwu, and vice chairman of Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Futian in Yiwu. The photographic work “Memory of Youth” was selected in the 16th China International Photography Art Exhibition.

Works Synopsis

Light and shadowPhotography is a screenshot of life. Every piece of work is a specimen of time.Photography is the art of light. Without light, there is no photography. Light is an important element of photography. Because there is light, there is light, there is hierarchy, there is color. Light can be used to shape, enhance texture, set off shadows, create atmosphere and render emotions.The value of photography lies not in the photographer's superb skills, but in his profound understanding. A good work is often a perfect combination of skills and ideas. Skill determines the height of a work, while thought determines the depth of a work. The top-notch photographers work their ideas, second tier photographers compare their skills, and third tier photographers compare their equipment.Photography is not a simple copy and reproduction of the real world, but contains the photographer's unique observation, understanding and interpretation of life. Its works contain the photographer's spiritual feelings. In this sense, the photographer is also a part of the work itself. Since the birth of photography, countless photographers have begun to use images to convey their inner thoughts. In this sense, photography works have ideas and souls. A good photographic work often has ideological connotation and social significance, especially humanistic photography.Photography is about its aesthetics and philosophy. The power contained in the image becomes immortal because it transcends time and space.


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