Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Yongxing Nie

About Me

Nie Yongxing, female, lifelong member of China Women Photographers Association, senior member of Chongqing Photographers Association. She is also a member of GPU(GPU CR1). Photographic Society of New York and lifetime member of Royal Photographic Society.She once participated in the photography hobby interest group in middle school, and learn to practice black and white film photography.In 1985, she had my first camera and started the photography dream.She completed all courses specified in the teaching plan of "Provincial Member Promotion Class" with excellent results in Beijing Photography Correspondence Academy. She won the title of "Excellent Student" in 2016, and 20 works including "Praying for the Chinese Dream" were exhibited in the online photo exhibition of Beijing Photography Correspondence Academy.

Works Synopsis

LifePopulus euphratica is a kind of tree with strong vitality. It stands firm against wind and sand despite the sandstorm, the erosion of drought, salty land. The tenacity of life! Praise the Populus euphratica tree. Live for a thousand years, stand up for a thousand years after death, fall for a thousand years, and live for three thousand years with perseverance, eternal life, and unchanged faith How the populus euphratica fighting against life is like a group of heroes fighting for the Republic Populus euphratica only talks about giving, not asking for, which is the spirit of our Chinese nation This year is the centenary of the founding of the CPC. I use anthropomorphic techniques, through comparison, light and shadow, to praise the indomitable vitality of Populus euphratica and the great party and heroic people from the heart!


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