Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Yuefan Xu

About Me

Xu Yuefan started to keep a record of things happen in life in the form of photography. She is now retired and is a member of Global Photographic Union."Camel bell"won the FIAP Gold Medal at 12th Finland International Digital Circuit 2020;Won the GAP Honourable Mention at 8th Olympic Photo Circuit 2020; Honourable Mention at 24 Grand Tour Delle Colline;"Gobbling" won the DIPA Bronze Medal at 5th International Circuit Camera Obscura 2020;Honorable mention at 2019 International Photography Festival Toronto."Grandpa and grandson"won the Honourable Mention at Monovision 2020."Basket-weaving elder"won the Honourable Mention at Acruvium Circuit 2020

Works Synopsis

Impression of BangladeshPhotos in this series were taken in Bangladesh. We have the impression that Bangladesh is a country with an extremely large gap between the rich and the poor.When I visited this country, I recorded life in that country that has overturned my preconceived impression.The people of this country have a hardworking spirit in them, which is what we admire.


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