Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Zhi Xu

About Me

Xu Zhi was born on Aug.20th,1959 in Shanghai.He started leaning music when he was young. In 1980s, he managed to work as art designer for Shanghai Arts and Crafts Company. In 1996, he led a group of collegues to travel abroad. From 2017 to now, he has been working as a freelance photographer. Many of his photos won awards at international photo competitions. He is also a member of several photo associations, including Photographic Society of America(PSA), Royal Photogrpahic Society(RPS), Global Photographic Union(GPU), and Jiangsu Photographers Association. He successfully applied for GPU Aphrodite title in 2021.

Works Synopsis

The Grassland PastoralThe annual Gansu horse race is popular among the Tibetan people, it and has become an indispensable part of the festival in Tibetan areas since it evolved from a means of transportation in nomadic life. As one of the "grassland counties" in Aba Prefecture, the "Yangbala Cultural Tourism" event is an important part of the Aba pastoral horse racing, and is also a large-scale sporting event and a unique national cultural brand in the ethnic areas of northwest Sichuan.


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