Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Zhiquan Liu

About Me

Liu Zhiquan, 56 years old, is a member of GPU, Image Copyright Society of China, and the Guizhou Photographers Association. He has been engaged in photography for many years. His photography works have won awards and been selected at home and abroad for many times.

Works Synopsis

Happy old ageEveryone will grow old as time goes by. So, what kind of life do people want to lead when they are old? It should be that the elderly have a sense of security, happiness, and well being. In this way, the elderly can live a quality and full life. "Joyful Twilight Years" reflects the healthy life of the elderly in various places. They socialize with their peers singing, playing chess, dancing, and acting. They have a colorful and interesting life. I hope all the seniors are happy and healthy.


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