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Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Zhuxin Ou

About Me

Ou Zhuxin is the former deputy leader of the traffic police detachment of Guiyang Public Security Bureau, member of the international photographers' Union (GPU), member of the China Society of press photography, member of the Xinhua news agency, signed photographer, member of the China Folk Photography Association, member of the China Human Geography Gallery, signed photographer, member of the Guizhou photographers' Association, consultant of the photography Committee of the Guizhou Economic and Trade Promotion Association, has won many excellent works and excellent awards from the China Society of press photography, the China Photographers' Association and the Guizhou young photographers' Association. In 2018, "Sunday of traffic police" was exhibited in Lianzhou International Photography Exhibition. In 2019, "fine work" was exhibited in the Sino German photography art exchange exhibition "Chinese culture and life". In 2019, "Miaozhai village in the morning light" and "golden pagoda reflected by the morning glow" were selected into the New England traveling Film Festival in the United States. In 2019, "lunch break" was selected in the first Canadian circular film exhibition. "Construction workers" was selected in the second alcos International Photography Exhibition in Spain. In 2019, the "morning mist enveloping the countryside" group was included in the 14th Huangshan (Yixian) International Rural photography exhibition. In 2020, "afterglow" was selected into the chrysalis International Photography Salon Tour (CPC) in Singapore. In 2020, "when the sun rises" was selected into the fourth Shenzhen International Photography Art Exhibition. In 2020, "the cry of the earth" was included in the 20th Pingyao International Photography Exhibition. In 2020, "Chengxiang" was published on lens culture. (World professional photographer Gallery) in May, 2021, Chengxiang was exhibited in the Art Museum of Guizhou Normal University. In September, 2021, the works of Cheng Xiang were exhibited at the 9th Dali International Film Festival in 2021.

Works Synopsis

This is a photo from the photographer Ou Zhuxin’s body of work that focuses on a group of elderly people. They are head shots of people in their twilight years, which is a spectacle of contemporary Chinese. All his subjects were portrayed with with dignity and honor despite their age and social status.


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