Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Biswatosh Sengupta

About Me

BiodataBISWATOSH SENGUPTA (1944). M.Stat(ISI), Pg. Dip-in-Demo (ISI), MCA (IGNOU), DCE, DCO, ESFIAP, AFIAP, FICS, Hon.FICS, Hon.FBPS, Hon.FNPAS, MICS, Hon.SOP, Hon.PESGSPC, GPA.PESGSPC, Hon.EFMPA, Hon.FIP, Hon. F WPAI , Hon.LMWCFAF, , Hon.Chhayapath, PPICHons, etc Former Professor Information Technology & Vice-Principal, B.P.P. Institute of Management & Technology, and Guest Lecturer, University of Calcutta & W.B.State University. Former Addl. Director-in-Charge, Socio-Economic Planning, KMDA.Doing Photography for the last sixty years, Jt. Secretary of PAD for more than 50 years and at present Secretary & Settler of the Trustee Board, Photographic Assn. of Dum Dum (PAD); Editor IMAGE since 1974; Organised 12 International Conferences, 13 All India Seminars and 60 International Salons. 45 Students & Members Exhibitions as well as SEVEN SOLO Exhibitions. Co–authored two books on photography; Pioneer of Introducing Free Photographic Courses in India, leading to Certificate, Diploma and Post Diploma in Photography; Organised Judges Training Course and Interactive Preparatory course for MFIAP at PAD. Website:

Works Synopsis

An combination printing representing existence of life in the Universe yhrough 3D shapes created by Matlab and a candid shot.


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