Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Debmalya Chowdhury

About Me

I'm a passionate photographer from Kolkata, India & have been doing photography from late 2018 but the love was born in my heart when I was a lot younger. I Love to capture elements of nature, streets and various artistic narratives My work has been published by many leading newspaper, magazines and online portals and exhibited in India and internationally also.

Works Synopsis

Manikarnika Ghat – The burning ghat of VaranasiManikarnika Ghat in Varanasi is built on the banks of the holy river Ganga and it is flanked by the Dashashwamedh Ghat and the Scindia ghat. The photo depicts Manikarnika ghat of Varanasi, which is one of the oldest ghats in Varanasi and has been accorded the highest position among other ghats by the holy scriptures in Hinduism. Famous for last rites of the Hindus, Manikarnika Ghat of Varanasi witnesses perennially & uninterruptedly burning pyres through several centuries. At any one time there may be up to a dozen pyres burning here, with a seemingly constant stream of newly arrived corpse bound in cloth and strapped to a cane stretcher waiting to be cremated. Manikarnika ghat is, therefore called among the foreigners as the burning ghat of Varanasi. Manikarnika Ghat is the main cremation ground of Varanasi and is quite unlike anywhere else in India. Manikarnika means Jewel of the Ear or earring wherein “Jewel” stands for “Mani” and Karnika stands for “ring of the ear” respectively. It is believed that if a person is cremated here, he immediately attains moksha (salvation). Huge piles of firewood are stacked along the top of the ghat, which is mainly used for cremation purpose.


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