Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Kishore J

About Me

Senior pictorial photographer (82 years) from Mumbai (India). I started dabbling in photography more than 60 years ago during analog era and used to process my own films and those of my fellow photographers in addition to making my own exhibition prints in b/w and color till 2007 when getting required chemicals as well as printing paper started posing a problem. Migrated to digital photography and now I wonder how difficult the life as a photographer was earlier when Kodachrome film was with a speed of 25 ASA (ISO in today's parlance) and exposure metering and auto-focus, image stabilizers were not heard of. Now-a-days exposure can be tweaked even by 1/3rd to get the optimum results. Never knew anything like that half a century ago but still could get excellent results.

Works Synopsis

As I happen to come down to the drawing room in my daughter's home in Phoenix, the winter sun had slid down towards the horizon on the west and its slanting rays were filtering through the slates of the Venetian blinds. In the all around muted colors, the seat cushions of bright red were creating a superb eye catching splash.


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