Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

Asia's Premium Photo Festival

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*Asia Photo Festival 2022*

12th to 26th December 2022

A Celebration of Asia’s Colours and Cultures

Asia's Premium Photo Festival
74731 unique visitors and 307104 pageviews in 2021
Supported by more than 50 photography organisations from all over the world
The work of more than 400 photographers from 46 countries are on display
In focus are 56 portfolios in the APU member Showcase
Ready to dazzle are 16 slideshows by clubs in Tales from the World
Star Voting, more than 350 photographers vie for the RenQi "人气" Gold medal in ONESHOT
The Festival is about discovering Asia in new shades, hue and light
It focuses on the awesome cultures of the region

Celebrate Photography With Us

This festival brings together photographers from all over the world to showcase and share their art. It is a platform for major photographic associations to promote their programmes and the work of their members.

The Asia Photo Festival 2022 APU Member Showcase Gallery

APU Photographers from all over the world submitted their portfolios of photographs. This has pushed them to continue to discover the art of photography. It is very important for photographers to continuously showcase their works. Enjoy and celebrate the masterpieces of all our photographers. You are encouraged strongly to Share the gallery link to your friends.

The Asia Photo Festival 2022 ONESHOT Gallery

APU and non-APU members, everyone from any parts of the world, each submitted one photo for the ONE SHOT gallery. The theme is “My Photo”. The race is on again for the “人气” Popularity Ranking, for the public to view your photograph to LIKE it. The top 40 images which received the most number of likes shall receive the “人气” gold medal.

One Shot

“One Shot” showcases the talent of more than 350 photographers who have captured images of their home countries.

APU Member Showcase

This section highlights the portfolios of APU members.

Golden Dragon Photo Awards 2022

A presentation of the Asia Photographers Union, the coveted Golden Dragon Photo Awards honours the best of the best. All Gold medal contenders from the Asia Super 12 Circuits ( are judged at the end of the year and winners are the Gold of Gold Standards.

Featured Seminar

Seminars from PSA and FIAP give visitors opportunities to know more about the activities of these organisations.

PSA PhotoTravel Definition in simple terms
About Global Photographic Union (GPU)

Tales from the World

“Tales from the World” continues its love affair with photographers through photographs from the work of major photography associations in the world.

Association of Photographic Artists Singapore
Australia Digital Photography Association
Cercle des Artistes Photographes


Presented in various documentary video formats, Asialogue takes viewers to Cyprus, Israel, Afghanistan and India to Indonesia, East Timor, China and Japan to show off everything Asia.

Degree/Master in Photography

Honing the skills of a professional photography is best acquired in an institution of higher learning. This section offers information on how to pursue a degree and masters in photography from England’s Falmouth University, which offers some of the best programmes in the world.